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My 944, 1984
My 924S, 1987
Parts Cars
944 Specifications/Data
A/C  R134a Retrofitting
A/C  R12 - Freon Capacities
A/C Normal Pressures
AFM Refurbishing
AFM Transfer Function ML3.1
Air/Fuel Ratio - Meter
Altitude Correction Box
Belt Special Tool 9201
Belt Tensioning
CO Level
CV Joints
Cylinders-aluminum silicon
DME-944 Performance Chips
DME-Chipping an Early 944
DME-Chip Conversion 86/88
DME-Early vs. Late DMEs
DME-FQS Fuel Quality Switch
DME-Lambda Inside
DME-2D Maps
DME-3D Maps
DME-ML1.2 Early 944
DME-ML3.1 Late 944
DME-ML3.1 Jumper Table
DME-the DME Relay
DME-Pin Assignments
DME-Schematic Downloads
Download-Manuals & PET
Download-Porsche Fonts
Engine Numbers
Firing Order
Fuel Injectors
FQS-Fuel Quality Switch
Fuel Injectors - Firing
Fuel Pressure
Fuel Octane Conversions
Fuses that Melt!
HFM5 Conversion Archive
Idle 1982/1985
Idle 1985.5/1989  ICV Reset
Instrument Cluster
Ignition Lock Removal
Mirror Repair - Side
Motronic Math
Motronic Memory
Odometer Repair
Option Code - 007
Oxygen Sensor - Lambda
Relays & Fuses
Recalls - Porsche 944
Remote Starter
The Rubber Band Broke
Shifter Repair
Shudder Free-The 944na
944 Shudder Code Fix-ML1.2
944 Shudder Code Fix-ML3.1
Speedometer Calibration
Timing Light
UniTester - BOSCH DMEs
Vacuum Leaks
VDO Gauges -  Additional
Water Temp Gauge

Download-Manuals & PET

Download PET and Porsche 944 Workshop Manuals

Link   http://www.2010.cannell.co.uk/manuals/manuals_porsche.html


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